What is Mindset?

The Conscious Mind is where we spend most of our time, but it is actually the weakest part of our mind. The Conscious Mind is the rational, analytical part of the mind and it's where our will power lives. It’s the thinking, judging part of the mind. Humans must have a reason for everything. Our ability to rationalise our actions is what keeps us sane. Our rational mind is not always correct, but, as long as our rational mind can come up with some reasoning for our actions, we will be at peace.

The Subconscious Mind is the feeling mind. It is the most powerful part of our mind. This is the part of our mind that is in control and that will help you to achieve your goals. When you learn how to work your subconscious to your advantage it can change your life

It is like a huge memory bank, with an unlimited capacity and it permanently stores everything, it is the home to our permanent memory. Its function is to store and retrieve data to ensure you respond the way you have been programmed, and to keep you safe and alive. It’s in charge of making sure we breathe, eat, our heartbeats, and blood circulates. When we cut ourselves we don’t have to tell ourselves to heal, we don’t have to tell ourselves when we are tired or hungry, our subconscious part of the mind takes care of that for us.

Every piece of information ever received through any of our five senses is stored in our Subconscious Mind. Your subconscious ensures everything you say and do fits a pattern consistent with your ‘master’ program, eg think and act consistent with what you have absorbed, said or done in the past. This database of information develops into beliefs and habits, and all of this develops who we are today.

Habits, feelings, beliefs and emotions are all stored in the Subconscious Mind. For example; your lack of confidence is based on certain beliefs you have about yourself, that you have stored in your subconscious mind, that may cause you to feel anxious around people. You feel anxious because your subconscious had false information that made you believe that you were in danger, while in fact you were not.

Whenever you attempt to do anything new or different, or make a change in established patterns of behaviour, it will cause you to feel emotionally and physically uncomfortable, that’s why habits are hard to break.

To overcome certain beliefs, habits, feelings and emotions that are holding us back, we need to reprogram our subconscious mind and reframe our thoughts. Melinda uses a combination of Kinesiology, Heartspeak, NLP and Hypnosis techniques to help you achieve your personal goals.