I saw Melinda for some stomach issues I was experiencing (indigestion, constipation, pain). I live in a different country than her, so we met virtually. I was certainly skeptical as to whether she’d be able to help me, since her practice sounded very hands on. She was, however very capable of figuring out what my body needed through a combination of discussion and muscle testing. She recommended a few affordable supplements and some dietary changes which I implemented right away and soon found some relief from my symptoms. I had previously seen several medical doctors whose recommendations did not provide me any relief, so I was very grateful for Melinda’s help and expertise. Melinda is extremely kind, approachable, knowledgeable and intuitive and I would highly recommend her services to anyone struggling with their health.

I was immediately impressed with Melinda’s very extensive scientific knowledge and her qualifications which encouraged my curiosity and I made an appointment.I was completely blown away by what I experienced! (So much so, that for a few days I wanted to train in Kinesiology!) By using some simple muscle testing, Melinda can talk to your body! You may well be saying or thinking certain things are OK but Melinda can get to the truth. I lay there whilst my body blabbed all my problems to Melinda! Not only that, but your body also communicates what it needs to heal, some of which was very surprising! I wanted to wait before writing this post to actually see how much difference Melinda’s help would make. For about a week, I actually felt worse, my existing problems really flaring up but then..things got better. Now, about 6 weeks on I have been following Melinda’s advice and can report improvement in just about everything, in fact some problems have disappeared completely! The biggest of these is that for TEN YEARS I have been a chronic insomniac and nothing has helped it, I have tried everything. For the last FOUR weeks, I have slept 7-8 hours EVERY night I am now feeling so much better! Am I going back? Definitely. Make an appointment..you have to give this a try!

Melinda cured what doctors couldn’t. Having tried prescribed medication for over 10 years, diets and other holistic methods, nothing completely worked until I met Melinda. Her method of kinesiology combined with her experience and incredible intuitiveness have changed my life. Her dietary advice was spot on an her natural ability to heal makes her a truly talented therapist. I would turn to Melinda over my GP everytime.
Founder of LV Life

When I first booked my session with Melinda I was unsure of what to expect, but very intrigued. Well, she blew my mind away! The difference in me she was able to bring about was rapid, and I will be forever grateful. She has brought me back into being able to think again without the constant stressful “chatter” going on in my brain, meaning I have space to just think or not as the case may be! My motivation, creativity and energy is back. I am back! Delighted!

My first consultation with Melinda was in 2018. I had ongoing digestive issues (frequent heartburn) and bloating (often after eating bread). I thought many of the symptoms, including hot flushes, were menopause related. Following Melinda's guidance, the heartburn and bloating cleared up very quickly which made a big difference to the quality of daily life. 5 years on, I'm happy to say these symptoms haven't returned. I have continued to see Melinda online in more recent years as I really value having a person outside of the health service to explore certain health issues with, so Melinda continues to be my first port of call with any health concerns I have. What I value most is Melinda's knowledge, experience and intuition around emotional states and her approach to treating each individual's physiological symptoms as well as their emotions and thoughts. I like taking responsibility for my own health, recognising how far I can go with a natural approach and when allopathic medicine is the right alternative for me. There are nuances and surprises that Melinda finds through her consultations that are significant for health and wellbeing and that cannot readily be found elsewhere.

I’m so glad my friend recommended Melinda. In the last year I’ve had several treatments for myself and my children, all on zoom (which is astonishing how effective it is)! I’ve recommended her to clients and friends around the world and she has been great with them all. The best thing for me is knowing I can ask her literally anything - gut issues, skin, fears, direction in life, task priorities, and she sorts it all through the session. My kids have loved the way she listens carefully to them, they trust her, and she has a wonderful way of helping them make sense of their challenges. I’d absolutely recommend Melinda, even if you’ve never had kinesiology before, she’ll take care of you!

Having had an ongoing skin problem for the last 4 and a half years, I was recently guided to an online zoom session with Melinda. Having tried everything from changing my laundry detergent to seeing skin specialists and taking numerous courses of medication, unfortunately, nobody has been able to get to the root cause of my skin issues; until I met Melinda! After just a few minutes of discussing my experiences and muscle testing, Melinda not only picked up on all the things that I was self-aware of (though didn't know was affecting my skin), but many additional things that made perfect sense! She then summarised all of what we discussed and sent me a detailed report of the supplements she recommended I take, including the bach flower remedies she made for me which arrived in the post just 2 days later! At first, I was hesitant to book an online session as I thought it might be better to see Melinda in person, in hindsight however it really made no difference and was the best decision I could have made! Everything was just as simple and free-flowing over zoom  I'm still in the early stages of healing but I'm already starting to feel a positive difference in my skin  Now I'm just waiting patiently to see the physical changes  If you're considering working with Melinda my advice is to simply do it! After everything I've been through since the issues with my skin started, I couldn't have made a better choice!

I had symptoms that were both strange, quite disturbing and very bothersome on a daily basis. Consulting Melinda just once, I was impressed by her ability to sense what was going on in my body. I live in France so it was not possible for me to meet Melinda in person. But even from a distance, Melinda managed to connect to different parts of my body, and based on the information she perceived, she guided me to do a whole bunch of self-massages and other techniques. In just one session with Melinda, my symptoms were immediately and totally gone for weeks (they have been coming back lately but in an extremely mild way, and I think I can manage on my own now.). I instantly felt better both physically and mentally Even better, thanks to Melinda, I learned subtle things about certain links between emotions and the physical body and Melinda also recommended certain dietary supplements that I would not have thought to take. I also found that Melinda accompanied me with empathy and kindness. I will not hesitate to make a new appointment with her if necessary.

I first met Melinda at a fair at Stubbington Village Hall in 2017 and I only really knew her because of a mutual friend. She offered various taster treatments and decided to give the kinesiology taster a go (knowing nothing about it really but it sounded interesting) Within minute I was in tears, realising that I had a lot of stuff going on that I didn’t take time to process such as the recent loss of my granny. I was so amazing by this and although it was “only” a taster session, it really had helped me to start dealing with my emotions. Since then I have been back to massages, a full kinesiology session. I also joined her “Set yourself free collective”. The collective is a group lead by Melinda with some beautiful souls as members and I feel very comfortable to share anything with them and it is just such a great support group. I mainly joined as I had issued with anxiety, lack of self-confidence due to past toxic relationships and years long of untreated depression and Melinda has helped me with all of that but also to find my own spiritual path. She is always encouraging my visions & plans and is just always there for everyone and I am so grateful that I have met her as I don’t think I’d be there I am today if I hadn’t met her. Also signed up for a lovely retreat that will take place in Cornwall in May 2022 and I just cannot wait! Thank you for very thing Melinda!

I have known Mel for well over 30 years and despite being a massive sceptic three months ago I had an appointment with Mel after getting stomach pains, bloating that made me look six months pregnant and difficulty sleeping. To say I was a sceptic is a massive understatement. To the point I regularly accused Mel of being a yoghurt knitter, tree hugger and, on occasion, a white witch on Facebook. However, the one thing I did have faith in was Mel and as such went in with an open mind. I'll cut to the chase. Three months on and I feel so much better. Physically, mentally and , dare I say it, spiritually. I'm still not sure if it was the process, the natural remedies or my faith in the practitioner that helped. Perhaps a combination of all three. The point is I've been proved massively wrong and anyone who knows me will tell you that will have irritated me considerably. I am now a believer.

Melinda is a gifted practitioner with a naturally intuitive approach. I have regular kinesiology tune-ups and massage treatment — they are awesome. I highly recommend Chrysalis Transformation to anyone looking to feel better on any level. I am feeling so peaceful and calm after a most amazing Healing session with the always awesome, Melinda. Thank you soul sister, for your love, beauty and radiance in my life.
Spiritual Coach & Author of Igniting Success Beyond Beliefs

Having gone to Melinda with tiredness and weight gain she found after testing it was a wheat sensitivity. Since cutting out the wheat I have regained my zest for life and have lost a stone and a half by not doing anything but cutting out wheat. Melinda is professional and knowledgeable. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending her to others and I do! Thanks.
Intuitive Psychic Reader & Healer

Melinda is really lovely. Put me at ease on my first visit. She managed to help me release alot of my emotional baggage. I now sleep all night for the first time in years, no loo visits anymore. I feel so much better within myself. Who would have thought a gentle treatment like kinesiology would reap such great results. I am also losing weight, this is happening much faster then before. I put this down to my treatment and the Bach flower remedy especially made for me. If you are thinking of trying this out, I will say do it. You will not regret it.

I have to be honest I had my doubts about how effective a remote treatment and communication would be. I can honestly say that it was well worth it and that my doubts were unfounded. The session I had was as if I was there in person. The session was extremely positive, and interaction between us both was galvanised in no time at all. The session and communication flowed and at all times I felt reassured and listened to empathetically. Melinda is intuitive and thorough and the distance with physical restriction mattered not. I must also add that the advice, aftercare and continued support was efficient and effective, and to me is a reflection of Melinda treating the whole person with great care and understanding.

I first met Melinda for hot stone massage and have also had healing and a little kinesiology. I don't think I'd be where I am now without Melinda. I have transformed in the last year and it all started with some distance healing and 1-1 healing and someone to tell me I am good enough.

I had a great Kinesiology session with Melinda last week which highlighted some emotional issues, some vitamin deficiencies and the fact that I wasn’t drinking enough water. Melinda also did some food intolerance testing which was very interesting. Since my session I have been implementing the changes suggested and am already feeling much more balanced. Thanks Melinda. Melinda’s treatment room is lovely and she explained everything to me throughout the session. I would thoroughly recommend giving Kinesiology a try.

I think Melinda's work is very good. She's helped me to much better understand what I need to do in order to make progress. She's offered clear explanations about what's getting in my way. She makes good sense and has enabled me to re-frame my situation. She is skilful and very knowledgeable about the range of supplements she recommends. She listens to my concerns and she's been careful to make recommendations that fit my wishes (such as vegan!). She always follows up on her recommendations and gives me confidence in her. I recommend her.

I am so glad that I came to see Melinda this week. There were quite a few skin issues that I was dealing with and couldn’t get to the bottom of. Melinda however, managed to give me all the answers that I needed and not only that, she told me how to heal them! I highly recommend an appointment with her. Melinda is very welcoming and makes you feel comfortable. She has a wonderful energy and presence and you know that you can trust her as soon as you meet her. Thank you again, truly.
Spiritual Coach & Author of Embracing Your Divinity

I had my first Kinesiology appointment 18.10.18. Melinda listened to my issues and then explained what would happen next. Can only describe what happened next as........AMAZING. Melinda was so spot on with her findings and was then able to provide a course of supplements to elieviate my problems.Melinda is truely professional, friendly and very knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend Melinda and her Kinesiology.

My distant healing began with an extremely strong feeling of heat and energy over my head and third eye. I immediately felt very relaxed and at peace. I suffer a lot with my lower back and was surprised to feel an immediate relief of my lower back within about 10 minutes of starting. I have been very stressed, tense and emotional the last few days and I felt afterwards much happier, relieved and much more at peace. After the healing Melinda gave me a fantastic Oracle card reading which really helped. She told me about various aspect of my life including family relationships, work and future projects. I was very surprised how accurate the reading was and how much it resonated with me. Melinda is a wonderful caring person and a very talented and knowledgeable healer. I am very grateful to her and I highly recommend her.

I took my 11 year old daughter to see Melinda. She was suffering with mild-medium anxiety, tummy aches, confidence issues and the start of body image issues. One session with Melinda confirmed her tummy issues were not food related, but emotion related. We now have a confident daughter, who is talking openly about any worries and even coming up with her own solutions. She is open about her sadness. She has not had a single tummy ache since. She’s happy and confident. Melinda recommended some great supplements and set some homework too. I would not hesitate for a second in recommending Melinda. She has helped my daughter without judgement, all the while making us both feel comfortable. Thank you!

Melinda is definitely someone who can help you in various ways. I have had kinesiology with her in person when she used various techniques that I have never forgotten & still follow the advice years later which has helped me beyond belief. Also, last year I did a distant healing with her which included also a card reading & it is amazing that even at a distance it can help so much. The card reading is also very true & helps me a year later. She emails her findings so I have them to look back & read which really helps.

Always leave feeling relaxed, Mel is so friendly and welcoming! The Kinesiology treatment I had changed my life. 5****

I would not hesitate to recommend Melinda, within a few months she had changed my life! unbeknown to me I had been living with many food intolerances that were making my life increasingly difficult, she was able to offer advice and guidance of how to move forward. Melinda is warm, empathic and genuinely cares about her clients. I feel so grateful to know her.

Both of my children have been treated and I am due to have an appointment next Saturday. Melinda is so lovely, friendly, funny & capable. Would highly recommend as a Kinesiologist.

The most amazing lady I've ever come across. Didn't really know what to expect but after seeing Melinda I felt so much better.

Mel makes you feel so comfortable and calm, I didn't really know much about kinesiology but was a great experience I felt that I could let go and totally be relaxed. I let all my emotions go and learnt a lot about what was going on inside my body. Was so helpful questions were answered in which I spent years and lots of doctors to not find out what was wrong with me until I visited Mel. Thankyou.

I had an online breathwork session with Melinda this week, which was amazing. It was incredibly powerful and emotional, but Melinda calmly and lovingly guided us through and I can't think of anyone I'd trust more with walking me through difficult emotions. Thank you 

Was my first kinesiology appointment today Mel was amazing as always. And made me feel so comfortable. And I would highly recommend x.

I had a kinesiology taster last week and was blown away by it! Melinda is just lovely and professional and knowledgeable, she put me at ease straightaway and she knew exactly what was going on with me, she was spot on with what she picked up on and she recommended some very specific natural remedies. I was so relaxed afterwards, it was an incredible experience! It did bring out a load of emotions at first though but it's good to get them out to ensure you remain in the best possible health. I would highly recommend Melinda to anyone.

I have now had two sessions with Melinda and both times have been amazed at the things she picked up on. My latest session was regarding hip pain, which has been pretty much nil since my visit. During the session Melinda picked up on my 'fidgety legs' and reminded me to take magnesium supplements to help; no more fidgety legs! This lady has amazing skills and I would highly recommend her to anyone.

I had a session of Kinesiology with Melinda 4 weeks ago. I had been suffering with bloating, upset stomach, poor bowel movement and afternoon energy lows. After some intolerance testing I had a list of stuff to temporarily cut out of my life. It all seemed very daunting, but making one change at a time was easy. Melinda gave me the tools I needed to help myself. 4 weeks later I’m brighter, energetic, regular and 7lb lighter. Will be back to see you again soon Melinda. Thank you x
Founder of Laura Jane Holisitc & Beauty Therapy

Top notch attentive professional with a big heart. Thank you.

I've had a few face-to-face sessions with Melinda over the past year or so and really benefited from them, so it was great news to hear that she is running remote sessions at the moment. She organised it all brilliantly over Zoom, and as soon as we started the call it felt completely familiar - natural and comfortable. I trust in Melinda's abilities completely; she is so good at what she does and a true professional. The remote kinesiology session was a really positive, energising and uplifting experience for me, something I'm sure we all need now at the moment more than ever! I would definitely recommend giving it a try.

I went to see Melinda after lots of recommendations. I've suffered with stomach problems throughout my life and have had enough. Melinda firstly listened when I explained what my issues were and then she explained what she was going to do. It is amazing!!! I can't believe how effective and accurate it was. Melinda was then able to prescribe a course of action and the correct supplements. I found Melinda to be professional, efficient, friendly and knowledgeable. Highly recommend her and Kinesiology.
Founder of A Shining Light