Melinda Annear

Welcome! It’s so lovely to meet you!

My name is Melinda Annear, I live in Morwenstow, Cornwall, UK, with my husband and pooch. I love the sea, nature, animals, travelling, yoga, crystals, oracle cards, music and daily dancing in my kitchen!

My passion and life purpose is to facilitate mind, body, soul transformation; to help people feel healthy, happy and fall in love with themselves and their life again.

I work with a person’s mind, body and soul, by clearing/ rebalancing their energy and blocks. I believe they are all inter-connected for health and happiness.

Systematic Kinesiology changed my life; emotionally, physically and mentally. I struggled with food sensitivities, hormone imbalances and self-limiting beliefs. I just knew I had to learn it in the hope it would change other people’s lives too.

I’m a certified and intuitive Systematic Kinesiologist who, over the years, has trained and added the following to my toolkit of techniques; these include Heartspeak, Retained Primitive Reflexes, Reiki/Rahanni/ Energy Healing, Nutrition, CBT, Hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT, Life Coaching, Breathwork, Herbalism and Flower remedies to name a few.

I work in a completely holistic way.

Either one to one (in person or online), or in groups on my retreats and workshops based in Cornwall and Wales.

I help unlock your body’s innate healing ability, using all the techniques I’ve learnt over the years. These amazing techniques help you become unstuck and release your mental, emotional and physical blocks from your mind, body and energy field.

When we work together, in whatever capacity, you will have the opportunity to discuss the focus of your sessions and we decide which modality, or combination, best suits your needs at that time.