We all have the power to heal ourselves, and prevention is always key, yet we can all lose our way during the stresses of life. We can struggle to or lose our ability to hear the messages our body and intuition are sending to us and sometimes we just need a little guidance, or confirmation, to help us get back on track to the road of self care and prevention. 

Melinda facilitates mind, body and soul wellbeing by communicating with your body and energy fields, using kinesiology, intuition and other healing techniques, to help guide you back to your optimum balanced state. Melinda believes the mind body and soul are all inter-connected to achieve great health, happiness and peace of mind. 

Once you understand where your blocks are and how to clear them, it is possible to reactivate your own natural healing ability if you choose to.

Melinda Annear is a certified and intuitive Systematic Kinesiologist, Energy Healer and Breathwork facilitator.

'I guide and support you to unlock your body’s innate healing ability, using techniques help you become unstuck, releasing your mental, emotional and physical blocks from your mind, body and energy field.'