When the stomach or digestive system is out of balance, you may suffer from symptoms such as bloating, wind, heartburn, constipation or diarrhoea, sometimes all of them. This may ring true if you suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

Surprisingly some stomach imbalances can be more subtle and may give you constant neck ache, stiff neck, backache, knee pain, sinus problems, anal itching, even increased snoring.

Stress can contribute to these symptoms because of the way the body works. When the body becomes consistently stressed it is unable to digest food properly causing bloating. The digestive system is unable to absorb nutrients, blood sugars increase and you start to crave unhealthy foods. You begin to notice tiredness in the morning, you may be unable to sleep at night, suffer weight gain and food intolerances. Your immune system starts to struggle and you may begin to catch colds easily.

Systematic Kinesiology can help rebalance your digestion and support your body with the stress levels. Through gentle muscle testing and correction techniques, Systematic Kinesiology can discover which vitamin & mineral supplements you body may require. It can also determine which bach flower remedies you require to treat any underlying emotions. These can all rebalance the body to its optimum state.

Food sensitivity testing is a great and cost effective way of finding out which foods your body is struggling with while it is coping with stress. A good start is avoiding wheat and milk which the body tends to struggle with during stress. Try cutting out sugar which destroys friendly bacteria and cause inflammation in the gut. You could also try drinking two litres of pure ‘still’ water a day, to help your body function efficiently.
Remember not to drink with your food as that can dilute your digestive enzymes making it difficult to break down your food. Leave drinking water half an hour before and after food.

If you are struggling with any digestion problems, why not try a kinesiology session to find out why. Book a free call now.

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