Self Acceptance is.......

……the path to change. I really believe this.

Accepting yourself as you are doesn’t mean you are giving up on personal development, or letting yourself go.

Self acceptance is the antithesis of resistance.

Instead of warring with yourself to be something you are not, wrestling with the parts of yourself you can’t change, and struggling with fixing the parts of yourself you perceive to be wrong or different- its about embracing who and what you are, including the parts of yourself that you might not like, and letting that be ok.

Self acceptance is about realising that you are already whole and perfect just the way you are- and this is how we start on The Health Journey.

Being aware of your strengths and weaknesses without judgement or criticism, its about letting go of the masks you’ve been wearing to please others and instead embracing the authentic version of yourself.

Its owning and expressing your thoughts, opinions and emotions without fear of rejection.

Its believing in yourself and your capabilities without needing to seek external approval.

Its having the courage to tell yourself you are good enough just the way you are.

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