What Else Are You Carrying?

There are times when past experiences can be too painful to deal with at the time.
Our bodies and subconscious compensate, absorbing it all away but remembering, so they can keep you safe in the future.

As time passes, changes happen to our bodies, to our thoughts, our beliefs, but the memories of why fade away.

We continue to carry these protective barriers and baggage not knowing why. We view ourselves in a certain way that isn't true.

Physical issues start to manifest out of nowhere as our stored emotions try to release themselves from the depths, trying to find the light.

For example; weight loss becomes difficult, that armour keeping us safe. Food choices become about comfort, a way to fill in the void, instead of fuelling ourselves with nutrients and self love.

  • What is wonderful is all this can be changed.
  • We can guide our bodies to release the trapped emotions.
  • We can reprogram our subconscious to feel safe again.
  • We can fall head over heels in love with ourselves again.

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