What's Your Story?


Everyone has a story, what’s yours?⠀

When I felt anxious, it was usually about something that hadn’t happened yet or it was based on an experience I’d had in the past.⠀

Just because something happened in the past, does that mean it will happen again this time?⠀
When we break it down, and shine a light on it, its actually just a story we are telling ourselves. ⠀
When in reality……It hasn’t happened. It isn’t real. It’s a story.⠀

When you feel those uneasy, nervous, nauseous, worry feelings begin to arise, try this….⠀

• Stop for a moment.⠀
• Observe the thoughts.⠀
• Ask yourself, is this true?⠀
• What evidence do I have that it is true?⠀
• What evidence do I have that it is not true?⠀
• Is it a story I have created?⠀
• How do I want the story to go? ⠀

It’s a wonderful feeling to know you have a choice about how you want to feel. You, beautiful one, have the power to choose your story and it’s ending. How amazing is that?

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