Why You Might Be Overeating


Do you sometimes over-eat when things become a bit much or you feel a bit lost, out of sorts or emotional? ⠀

You might be an Empath. As an Empath we absorb the positive and stressful energies around us into our bodies. Everyone has a type of brain cells that are responsible for our feelings of compassion, as an Empath, these brain cells are super responsive, which makes us super absorbers!

If you’re also an introvert like me, then something as simple as socialising for more than a few hours is really exhausting as we absorb all those energies. So what has this got to do with over-eating?

Over-eating is common in empaths as it grounds us, so we can easily become over weight because the extra padding provides protection from negative energy. ⠀

Empaths can also become addicted to alcohol, drugs, food, sex, shopping in an attempt to numb sensitivities. ⠀

To help with this, it’s really important ground and recharge, and the best way to do this is being out in nature. Make time for yourself to recharge, get out in nature, plan time out from people, social media, tv, devices, schedule decompression time.

Getting plenty of sleep is important and taking a bath with epsom salts can really wash away any anxiety, especially if its not yours in the first place! Most importantly, remember to do something that gives you joy, it’s so easy to forget to have fun! Do anything that makes you laugh!

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