The Benefits of Laughter

Whatever might be going on in your life, you may be feeling tired, drained. low, even anxious- especially if you are a sensitive, an empath or both.

Well here is an easy and free way to help with all that- laughing. Yes really, just laugh. Erm…I don’t feel like laughing…I hear you say- that’s ok, even a pretend smile or laugh for at least 16 seconds will get your body to respond as if it’s real.

So how does laughing help? Laughter has been scientifically proven to benefit mental health and has the power to counteract feelings of anxiety (& sadness/depression). 

How? When we laugh we release feel good chemicals called endorphins that help reduce stress and even help when we feel uncomfortable (notice how some people laugh when they’re in uncomfortable situations?). Laughter can also alter our dopamine (neurotransmitter) and serotonin (happy hormone) activity.

What else? Laughter triggers the nervous system’s relaxation response, it strengthens the immune system which is exactly what we need right now, (especially if you’re going back to work). It has a pain relieving effect, it relieves physical tension, it encourages tissue healing, less prone to stomach ulcers, it increases energy levels, and helps us stay focused more easily. It increases confidence, self esteem, creativity and resilience. What’s not to love?

And remember the ripple effect, you smile at someone, they smile back, and the above happens for both of you. You tell a joke, they laugh, you laugh, you change the energy of the room. So give someone a smile today even if it’s at yourself, laugh out loud even if it’s the last thing you want to do, because I guarantee you will feel better beautiful one. 

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